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SME's major pain points in 2023!

• Maintaining profitability; 44.7% of Canadian SMEs, a high figure given the ability of most to adopt new, intelligent machinery and productivity systems.

• Recruiting and retaining high-quality employees; 25.6% of Canadian SMEs are struggling to find and keep these quality employees.

• Developing new innovative products; 21% of Canadian SMEs consider developing new products or services challenging since there is more pressure than ever.

Solution: SMEs need dedicated projects teams internally for all these improvements & developments OR hire services.


While there is a cost for using an outsourced team to handle a part of your project, you can easily see this as an investment rather than a loss. With part of your project taken care of, you'll be able to accelerate your in-house timeline and get more done, allowing you to bring your product to market and start earning a return on your investment faster than you would have if you hadn't sought help.


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