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Planning a 5-Year Business Strategy


Investments in research and development (R&D) can be a critical step in the production of innovation at a firm. Regardless of whether a firm is a new entrant or a well-established business, innovation can play a vital role in improving a firm's ability to survive, in addition to maintaining its market share in a competitive business environment. In particular, innovation had a considerable impact on small and young firms, a highly relevant result for Canada as 98 percent of businesses in Canada are considered small (Industry Canada).

Machine Learning & AI

Managed Service Consultancy is the service of recommending and outsourcing solutions that will increase the efficiency of corporate operations and reduce costs by making analyzes as needed. It is used as an alternative to the business model in which the service provider provides services with the knowledge of the customer and invoices for the work performed (breakdown, update, or optional outsourcing). 

Managed services are an excellent service for organizations that want to scale their business processes and increase business efficiency, but do not have enough resources, or who want to fix the system with the right strategy instead of postponing the problem with temporary solutions.

Why Make a Five-Year Business Plan?

Establishing a long-term plan can help you determine your priorities and goals for your business. Do you want to expand to new locations? Maximize sales? Transfer the business to a family member? Each goal will involve different priorities for your time and resources. By mapping out a plan, you can make sure that you and your staff are pursuing these goals and not wasting resources on something else.

Additionally, a five-year plan can help you identify any potential obstacles, as well as the possible strengths that could help propel you toward your goals. This kind of strategic thinking can help prepare you for the unexpected so that you aren't caught off guard.

Finally, if you ever plan to raise money from investors, they will want to see your business plan. Having a five-year plan can help prepare you for these meetings.

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