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Murat Kani TIBET 

EIT / EUR ING / International Engineering Graduate Mechanical Eng. MSc.

Accomplished and integrity-driven Engineering Intern (EIT) I EUR ING (reg.34523) - professional offering 30 years of business experience on national and international levels in the white goods industry/retail/consulting. Extensive experience in Europe, The Middle East & Asia. Travelled to more than 15 countries to conduct business.

Deep knowledge about production methods, machinery, assembly lines, automatization, and quality specifications. Demonstrate a passion for mentoring his expertise to the industry and providing solutions to clients' specific needs.

Led various R&D, Outsourcing, Industrial Design, Product Management, and Production Lines Conversion projects with cross-functional teams and performed corporate transformations in Supply Chain, Strategic Planning & Innovation.

*) EUR ING: An international professional qualification and title for highly qualified engineers used in over 32 European countries